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After I briefly shared my own point of view when it comes to feed aesthetic, I feel like stories and their aesthetic are equally important for content creators.

I like to use stories for some that photos I am not planning to post on my feed at that moment but still feel like sharing them, or to share a few more shots I captured except the one that I posted. So I do like to use templates to combine a few shots together.

I used to create my story templates with Canva but I wasn't as happy as I was expecting to be with my own ideas and design, not gonna lie, so I switched to Unfold and now that is the only app I am using for my stories.

This app has a lot of templates, and what I really love about it is this new feature that came with a recent update which is animated template. So it's basically a mini video. It's super easy to use and I love the clean and neat minimalistic look of the templates. Unless I share my own post, If I want to drive engagement to it, I use this app for every single story I create.

Also, with a recent update they added post templates which match story templates. It's a great option if you are looking for upgrading your feed aesthetic and making it a bit more out of ordinary.

These are some of my favs and mostly used Unfold templates besides the basic ones that I am mostly using for a grid or positioning photos and adding some texts ( since I love their fonts ).


I am not sure about what do you get to access and what you don't if you decide to use a free version since I subscribed as soon as I downloaded it but it's definitely worth it. At the moment, I am considering to chance my subscription to "For Brands" because I would like to use some features it appears to offer and as soon as I test it I will update a post if it's worth it and why.

Until then you can explore their pricing options and what app offeres overall.



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Coffee and shopping lover. Neutral aesthetic obsessed. Sagittarius which means a travel addict. 

ExcuseMyStyle is created to balance all that and give me the excuses for overdoing all that I mentioned above. 



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