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What is Adobe Lightroom? What is it's significance for content creators? What is the difference between Lightroom and regular filter app? And so on...

Let's start with a brief introduction:

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is a software developed by Adobe.Inc as a member of Creative Cloud.

It's allows a quick and easy import and organization of your images along with some amazing editing features.

What makes Lightroom stand out from other editing apps?

Except the organizing features, easy import and sync between desktop and mobile versions, which is a great plus for everyone using both, Lightroom allows us to import, apply and tweak premade Presets, create our own from scratch and also export the so that other users can use them.

Another great thing about Lightroom is that allows an easy manipulation of each and every color that is visible on our photo, detailed editing of brightness, contrast, textures, shadows, etc... I mean literally everything that you have captured there you can change and tweak using Lightroom.

Unlike some other apps that provide premade filters with such a limited editing and tweaking options Lightroom allows full editing without any limitations.

And finally once you are done with your editing you can easily save and export your configuration in DNG format and there you have your own Preset!

Why are content creators that obsessed with Lightroom?

Let's be real and agree that content creating is equally about visual as it's about the message. Lightroom allows us to make our photos visually appealing, well matched, clean and neat by making all of the manipulation and editing, I mentioned, above possible. Even better, that result if sometimes only a click ( apply ) away. Another great thing for content creators is that creating their own Presets allows them to brand their content with their signature Presets which can make each one of the recognizable. It can be a game changer for everyone who is obsessing over their feed aesthetic and who want's their photos and content to be easily spotted and recognized. It also allows a smooth transition between Presets if you desire to change the look of your catalogue and feed which means a lot or a better aesthetic.

I have personally tried many editing apps in the past but none of them, in my opinion, came close to the results Lightroom provides.

More about Lightroom editing, choosing the right Presets for your aesthetic, overall feed and catalogue aesthetic coming soon.



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