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As I huge fan of editing and flawless aesthetic I do use a bunch of apps for both - editing and organising my feed and posts.

I did mention my one and only feed planning and organising app PLANOLY in this post here so I won't be talking much about it now so let's get to know other apps I am using everyday for my editing.


If you ask me there is a huge misconception about this app because people always think of it as an app for smoothing skin and selfies editing. This app has some amazing features and settings that are completely self editing unrelated but extremely useful for a quick photo editing. Let me explain.

If I have a photo that is detailed and I want to enhance a specific object using Facetune helps tons.


On my photo above, I wanted to enhance the sharpness and the color of the earrings and I wanted to make my coffee brighter knowing it would look better that way after I apply my Preset.

So I opened my photo in Facetune I went under retouch than structure and this is what I got.

For the coffee glow I went under retouch than glow.

These settings are useful if you have a photo with jewelry or anything else you would like to enhance.

This is possible to achieve in Lightroom only but I prefer not to tweak my Presets much thru selective editing so I find this way easier and faster.

Here is the result of these small edits after I applied my Preset.


Another Facetune features I use all the time are defocus and patch.

If I am not happy with the result portrait mode delivered I quickly defocus some objects in this app like you can see down below.

Another great feature, patch, which literally allows you to patch some parts of the image with other parts of the image. Since my plate had some cake piece on a side and I wanted it gone I literally patched the clean part of the plate on top of that one and it got replaced.

This is great if you have a photo next to a light switch or something like that and you want it gone so you just replace it with a clean part of the wall.

So these are four Facetune features that I use a lot almost every time I am doing a detailed editing, which I think really takes this app way above skin smoothing purpose.


I use this app every single time I take a photo outdoor and there are unwanted people, cars, etc.

It has an amazing feature called HEAL, which works similar to patch but it simply removes objects as you touch the screen and restores background on it's own. Sometimes when it leaves blurry areas I use Facetune's patch on these spots and it looks great.

So as you can see this result is amazing and it mean so much to me especially when it comes to photos like this.

To be honest, I didn't test this app's potential above this but I am definitely planning to, I've been using this feature for a while now and it's lifesaver.


I think no need to talk much about it because this app has it's own page plus q&a page on my website. But yeah, it's the only app I am using for filtering my photos. I don't use any other app as Lightroom provides everything I need filtering related.

You can see more about this app under my Lightroom Tips and Tricks category.



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