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Let's talk feed aesthetic.

The first thing that makes us follow or pass someone when we see their page is actually their aesthetic. So safe to say at first it's only about what meets the eye.

What is feed aesthetic?

It's what your feed looks like.

Feed aesthetic is also achieved by following patterns, grids and color schemes and by avoiding color disbalance and random posts. ( another advantage of Lightroom Presets towards achieving an aesthetically pleasing feed ).

Is it worth obsessing over it too much?

Yes and no actually. We can't underestimate the power of good a good content which always wins over good aesthetic if the aesthetically pleasing content is messageless.

So I'd say it's content that matters the most and aesthetic is just a bonus.

How to achieve an aesthetically pleasing feed?

By following patterns, girds and color schemes. By avoiding random posts.

My advice is to use a feed planning apps such as PLANOLY because that app became Instagram's official partent. By using that app you can plan ahead your feed and see what works best for you when it comes to your gird and post patterns.

I find this app useful especially because it saves me from a mistake I used to make a lot which was - posting a photo and than immediately deleting after realizing it doesn't match with the rest of them as I imagined it would. I went a bit off topic, but for some reason Instagram algorithm hates when you post and than delete to repost and it cuts down on your reach for that specific post. Been there done that. So having an app to plan your feed and grid ahead saves you form that as well.

You will need to subscribe if you want to be able to upload unlimited photos to play around organising your feed. If you don't want to subscribe you are limited to 30 uploads per month.

More about benefits of having a paid account HERE.

Finally we can conclude that aesthetically pleasing feed, except looking gorgeous, drives traffic to your page and it's extremely useful for promoting your business or personal blog. But we should always keep in mind that it does come down to our content quality and what are we offering to our followers.



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Coffee and shopping lover. Neutral aesthetic obsessed. Sagittarius which means a travel addict. 

ExcuseMyStyle is created to balance all that and give me the excuses for overdoing all that I mentioned above. 



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